DIY Ideas On How To Make Wedding Decorations

It is your wedding after all, so who says that you have to stick to the traditions and customary ways of decorating. There is no end to your options, if you choose to take the DIY route. Of course, you can envelop your very own unique style and personality into the wedding decorations and theme. Below you will discover many tips and DIY ideas on how to create your very own wedding décor and centerpieces.

Budgeting Your Finances

You do not have to have a large bank account to create some of the most delectable wedding décor. If fact, all you need is a creative mind and some extra time. There are many items that can be found in nature, around your home, or at thrift stores that will be suitable for your needs. Logs, glass vases, burlap fabric, personal memorabilia, and flowers can be utilized to create some of the most amazing wedding discoveries that will be aesthetically appealing.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be created out of bamboo sticks, floral garlands, fringe, and white paper towel. You can sculpt the bamboo sticks, while leaving the top portion exposed. Make sure that you spray each piece of paper towel with a fireproofing spray completely on both sides. This will prevent the paper from catching on fire. Take each piece of paper and wrap it securely around the bamboo sticks and secure it with nonflammable glue. Once the lantern has time to dry, you can sit the small candle in the center and light it. This will definitely impress your guests, while providing the perfect amount of ambience for the entire environment.

Floral Garlands

Floral garlands can be strung around chairs, above doors, and from ceiling beams. There is so much that you can do with this type of décor. You do not need to hire a florist to create these romantic pieces, since you can do it yourself. All you need is a variety of flowers, a needle, and waxed string. Just thread the string through each floral bloom, until you reach the desire thickness of your preference. This can be a fun task that your entire family can help you with.

Entryway Signage

There is no better way to personalize your wedding venue and reception area than with homemade signage. You can create these with greeneries or flowers. Develop letters and topiary statues, so that you can sit and hang them near the main entranceway, so that everyone will know that they are welcome. Just get creative with this DIY idea, so that you can envelop your very own style into the creations.

Wedding Arches

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you should consider a DIY wedding arch. This can be constructed from limber tree branches, flowers, greenery garlands, and tissue paper. This can be a task for your soon-to-be husband and the best man. Of course, you will have to lend a hand, in developing the tissue paper flowers, since he is not going to have any ideas in mind. Use this arch production to walk through during the wedding waltz.


If you want to create a centerpiece that is unique and colorful, you may need to purchase some materials and accessories. When performing any DIY centerpiece task, you will discover that it is so much cheaper than trying to purchasing a premade centerpiece. Use candles, glass vases, flowers, and diamond confetti for your invention.


Make sure that you plan and organize each task, so that you can make wedding decorations that are exclusive and dazzling. You can never go wrong, when you are taking the DIY route, but make sure that you stay within the wedding theme and color scheme to avoid any décor looking out of place.

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