Tips On How To Customize Unique Wedding Programs

If you are planning a large wedding itinerary, you will need to customize a unique wedding program. This is surely the best way to keep everyone updated on the upcoming event, parties, bridal shower engagements, and bachelor party schedules. There are several ways that you can do this, without spending tons of cash, which can always be used for other important things.

Homemade Fan Program

Homemade fan programs can be used by your guests to keep up with the entire wedding itinerary and to keep them cool. This is definitely a very unique wedding program idea that can easily be achieved with paper and a flat wooden stick. Personalize it with the names of the bride and groom, and then offer everyone a piece of wedding memorabilia that will last forever.

Front Portion

The front portion of the program should have an engraving of the bride and groom’s initials and the announcement of their wedding. You can easily create a design that sticks out above the rest. Choose colors and designs that you can incorporate into the wedding invitations, so that everything flows together perfectly.

Tradition or Not

While most couples prefer to stick to the wedding tradition, by providing their guest with a wedding program, these are not necessary. Small weddings that do not have a large itinerary scheduled do not truly require a program, since the event will be grouped together over a 4-5 hour period. It is up to the couple, whether or not they want to offer a wedding program to the attendees.

What to Include

When you sit down to write your wedding program, you will need to know what you intend to include. The truth of the matter is that most couples will include a few lines regarding the current wedding, with the names of the couple and the date. Some will also list the attendees and participants. A list of the most important people, at the wedding, can also be listed. However, you do not have to follow any of the above-mentioned rules. Remember that this is your wedding and your program. Therefore, you can actually put whatever you wish into the pamphlet. Since this is a keepsake, you will want to personalize it entirely and save it forever.

The Length of the Program

Many individuals worry that they’re going to put too much into their program. Suffice to say, the experts generally recommend that you keep everything short and to the point. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, you should sit down, write the program, and work on it, until you feel confident in the final product. If it feels like it is too long, cut some out. If you feel it is too short, you can simply add more. Once you’ve hit the sweet spot, you’ll know it.

Add Yourself to It

During your life, it is certain that you’ve come across things that inspired you or spoke directly to your soul. It might have been a phrase that someone mentioned, or it could have been a song or poem. If this item is memorable and has travelled with you throughout your life, you will want to consider adding it to your program. This will give your guests something to think about long after they’ve returned home. Either way, you should add things that are special to you to your program!

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