Perfect Candle Holders for Your Wedding

When attempting to decorate for your wedding, you should make sure to consider all of your possibilities. Candles should definitely be added, since they’re capable of adding cost effective lighting and outstanding beauty to the room. Of course, candles are somewhat dull on their own, which is why you will want to consider purchasing some candle holders! With the right holders, your candles will be much more stylish and the candles will be tremendously safer! Below, you will learn more about these items.


There are actually two individual purposes for using candle holders. First and foremost, the holder is vital for making the candle a hundred times safe. Candle wax can be very hot and can cause damage to the candle’s surroundings. When the holder is used, it will prevent the wax from dropping to the table or floor and will ultimately prevent problems. Of course, for your wedding, the item is all about the aesthetics. Candles might be stylish on their own, but the holders are even more so! The right holder can help to create a cute decoration that will fit your wedding perfectly.

Always Check with Hobbyists

Although there are many wedding supply stores that sell specially designed and custom candle holders, it is also a good idea to think outside of the box and seek out alternatives. Always check with local hobbyists, who create wonderful works of art that they’re passionate about. By checking out their selections, you can find some very cool decorations that are unique and created with love!

Searching for these individuals online can help you find a larger selection. Just be sure to account for the shipping and handling! Otherwise, thinking outside of the box is well worth it!

Household Items

Although some candle holders are very expensive, others can be created from household items for free! If you’re attempting to plan a much less costly wedding, you’ll want to use DIY ideas and household items to create your own candle holders. Be sure to consider using mason jars! With a little bit of effort and some creativity, it is possible to create some elegant and homey holders, by using mason jars. Decorate the lid and wrap it with a bit of ribbon for an improved appearance. Finally, you can even consider using a bit of fabric to hang or carry the candle.

If you live near some trees or have easy access to some decorative wood, you should consider creating a nice wooden candle holder. You might need to get your hands on a saw and possibly a drill, but this can create a wonderful decorative holder. Once you’ve gotten a beautiful piece of wood, you can varnish it for an even more beautiful appearance. The drill and appropriate bit will need to be used, in order to create a suitable hole for the candle. Still, this DIY candle holder shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to create.

Almost all families have an ice cube tray that they use at home. Sure, this might not be its true purpose, but you can create some adorable holders, by cutting the tray apart. You’ll need to do so in a very careful manner, in order to prevent injuries. Once you’ve gotten them cut, you’ll be able to insert the appropriately sized candle and set it alight! A little bit of paint can make the holders even more beautiful and cute.

Antique Candelabra

The antique candelabrum is the perfect décor for a head table centerpiece. This unique candleholder is capable of holding taper candles. These candles will easily burn up to 15 hours, without you having to replace them, which is perfect for any formal event. The antiquity appeal is ideal for any era themed wedding, because its appearance alone will help your mind warp back in time.

The candelabra is also available is silver, rustic black, and brass, so you will not have any difficulty finding something to fit in with your other wedding décor. Take the time to decide whether a 5 or 7 branch candelabra is suitable for your needs. Seven may be too large, because it can provide an immense amount of lighting for the environment, which may be too overwhelming.

You will only need one of these for the head table, so you may be better off to purchase it than rent it, because you can always incorporate the candleholder into your home interior décor, after the wedding.

Pillar Candle Holders

The pillar candle holder will be the perfect addition to the reception guest tables. A 3-piece set is exactly what you are searching for, because you will be able to arrange them in order, by size on a mirror or table runner.

These sets are available in several different sizes, styles, and designs. The pillar candle will also work great for these candleholders, but keep in mind, if you want to utilize a variety of candle sizes, so that the style will have varying heights, you very well can.

You can also create these out of wood, if you want to take the DIY route. Add a floral ring and some diamond confetti and you will have a very beautiful, elegant table centerpiece.

Metal Spiral Candleholder

The metal spiral candleholder is a definite piece of art. You can utilize these for table centerpieces and aisle decorations. These candleholders are shaped just like a spiral staircase, which is very elegant looking. They are capable of holding 8 small tea light candles. Just remember if you decide to envelope these into your wedding, you may have to replace the candles, after 2 hours of burn time. This can cause some inconvenience, but if you are prepared for the switch out, you will find it a simple task.

You should be able to find these at your local department store, but you will most likely have to purchase them, as an individual item, because they are not available in bulk.

Glass Cylinder Candleholders

An arrangement of glass cylinder candleholders will definitely make the perfect centerpiece arrangement. Always utilize an array of holders with different heights, so that the overall design will look more unique.

You can fill the candleholders with water beads, metallic grass, pearl beads, and top it off with a floating candle, which will definitely add romance and pizzazz to the reception hall.


At the end of the day, candles can be tremendously beautiful, luxurious and elegant, but they shouldn’t be used bare! Instead, adding a nice candle holder can enhance the candle’s appearance dramatically. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be beautiful! Be sure to shop around, until you find one that fits your wedding, preferences and budget.

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