Using Votive Candles To Enhance Your Wedding’s Décor

Throughout the years, votive candles have been used for a wide variety of different purposes. In the past, they were primarily used for religious reasons. In more modern times, these candles are utilized to add beauty to a room. So what exactly are votive candles? Truthfully, they’re nothing more than small candles, which are normally made from white wax or yellow beeswax. In this guide, you will learn how these candles can be used for your wedding!

A Variety of Differences and Uses

It is vital to know that these candles have a variety of differentials. Although they are typically the same size, they do not have to be. As mentioned above, they’re normally white or yellow, but for decorative purposes, they are available in a wide assortment of different colors. When it comes to the different uses of votive candles, there is truly no end. By using your imagination, as you should, you will be able to discover innumerable possibilities! It is possible to use the candles, as favors and decorations. More uses will be explored below.

Consider Votive Candle holders

Remember that your candle doesn’t have to be bare! Purchasing and utilizing the appropriate candle holder can enhance the candle’s aesthetics dramatically. Take the time to explore the different varieties of candle holders that will work well for your candles. Truthfully, almost anything can be used and you shouldn’t hesitate to think outside of the box. The holders are tremendously important, since they can help to prevent the wax from dripping all over the table.

Bulk Item

The votive candle can be purchased, as a wholesale or bulk item. If you are truly interested in enveloping these into your wedding décor, then you will definitely require a lot of them. They are the perfect addition to any centerpiece, décor, or outdoor ornament. There are so many things that you can do with the votive candle and you will want to use them every way possible and for this reason, it is important that you purchase them at a very affordable price.

Votive candles can be purchased, by the dozen, which will make them much more affordable. With a limitless array of colors to select from, you will have no difficulties finding something that will fit into your color scheme. Visit your local candle shop or department store, before you choose to purchase them online. The shipping costs may make them cost a bit more than the retail price, so you will most likely benefit more, by purchasing them locally.

Votive Candle Favors

If you are looking for a unique, but sweet wedding favor, you should consider a votive candle favor. You can purchase a personalized, transparent sticker roll on the Internet. Make sure that you order these early, so the company will have time to develop and ship them to you, in plenty of time, before your wedding date.

You can purchase the votive candle and clear glass candle holder, as a bulk item. Once you receive both of these items, you can easily place the personalized sticker on the glass candle holder. Once you have this step complete, you can easily stick the votive candle into the holder and wrap it in veil fabric. Top it off with a white bow and you will have yourself a lovely little votive candle favor.

Drawing Attention To A Centerpiece

If you want to be able to draw more attention to your wedding’s centerpiece, you will want to consider using votive candles! When you enter a room with a candle, it is difficult not to notice the beauty of the flame. Your guests will feel the urge to look at your centerpiece, if candles surround it. Take the time to put together a beautiful centerpiece, which uses a nice floral arrangement. By sitting it on top of a mirror, the candles will reflect beautifully and capture the eyes and imaginations of your guests!

Dyed Egg Candle holders
If you really want to take your votive candles to the next level, then you should consider creating a dyed egg candle holder for your votive candles. This is a great decoration, if you plan on hosting a springtime wedding. Below, you will find a list of supplies that you are going to need.
• White eggs
• Eggcups (One per egg)
• Egg dye (You can use any color you want, but yellow works really well for a springtime wedding)
• Votive candle (One per egg)
• Safety pins
• Paper towels
The first thing you want to do is take the safety pin and poke a hole in the tip of the egg. Keep in mind that this is the narrow part of the egg. You want to keep going, until the hole is wide enough that your candle will fit inside it. Once the hole is big enough, you are going to drain out the egg and gently wash the eggshell off.
It is now time to dye the egg. Be sure to follow all the directions on the dye package. Once your egg has reached the desired color, you are now ready to let the shell dry. When the egg is dry, you can insert the candle, and then put the shell inside the eggcup. You now have an elegant decoration for your springtime wedding. Always remember to use colors that are going to match your linens for a more uniformed look.
Wedding Alter

If you are a catholic, you are most likely going to want to create a worship place for your guests, so that they can take the time to pray, before they enter the venue. This wonderful little area can be developed, by using votive candles.

The freestanding votive candle holder is very popular and will work perfectly for this purpose. Just line the votive candles on the stand, so that everyone will have an opportunity to light one, as they wish. You can surely rent one of these or purchase it for a very affordable price. If you are getting married, in a catholic church, they will most likely have one that you can utilize.


Remember that votive candles, or prayer candles, can be used for their intended purpose, but they do not have to be! Instead, you can use them for nearly anything, as long as you put your mind to it. Consider using them with the appropriate candle holders, in order to make them much more safe. Either way, all couples should incorporate votive candles into their weddings in one way or another.

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