Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers Can Be Entirely Beautiful

Putting together a wedding can be difficult, but you’ll want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect! One way to do this is by utilizing wedding centerpieces without flowers! Although many people prefer flowers, they’re not necessary! In fact, it is entirely possible to pull off some absolutely stunning centerpieces with no floral arrangement. If you’re looking for potential ideas and examples, you will want to explore the information below.

Use Balloons

If you’re interested in a fun centerpiece that doesn’t require flowers, you’ll want to consider relying on balloons instead! Balloons are tons of fun and will ultimately provide you with a ton of beauty, as long as you use the right colors. So, how exactly can you use these items in a beautiful manner? There are plenty of ways, but I will provide you with my own method for your consideration.

First, you’re going to need a nice base. There are many possible bases that will work, but it is helpful to choose one that matches the color of your balloons. A nice bucket or a mason jar will work. Be sure that you can decorate this item with a few more items, such as ribbons and other decorative items. Once this is done, you will want to tie to the balloons to the buckets and let them go! You’re finished.

DIY Elegant Centerpiece Kits

If you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, then you always have the option of purchasing DIY centerpiece kits. These items are usually less expensive than what an entire assembled centerpiece would cost you and all you have to do is assemble the kit yourself. Don’t fret, because they come with instructions. Scour the web and look for the perfect DIY kit for your elegant wedding centerpieces. This is going to save you time in the process.

Use Floating Candles

There is no doubt that flowers are entirely romantic, but they’re not the only items that are! Candles are just as romantic and can easily replace flowers. With this particular centerpiece, you’re going to need some tea light candles that will float! After you’ve got the candles, you’ll need to find yourself three vases of all different sizes. Make sure that they’re all the same shape and all should be clear. You can add more to the décor, by using peddles or river stones to the bases of the vases. You can also use water beads.

Once this is done, you just need to add water to the vase and put the candle at the top. Light the candle and your centerpiece is complete!

Purple Ostrich Feathers

If you plan on using purple in your wedding centerpieces, then you should know that you could buy ostrich feathers in purple. Ostrich feathers are a really great centerpiece addition. They look so elegant and your guests will really love them. Here is a list of things that you are going to need, in order to start this little project.
• Purple ostrich feathers (Be sure to order different sizes.)
• Tall vase
• Floral foam bouquet holder
To start this project, you will place your floral foam bouquet holder inside of your tall vase. Once the bouquet holder is inserted, you will need to start to arrange the ostrich feathers in the foam. Remember you want to start on the outside of the foam and work your way towards the center of the foam. There really is no wrong way to complete this project. You can throw in different sizes of feathers in any order you want.
You have a variety of different ways to arrange these feathers. When it comes down to it, the end result is really up to you. With extensive experimentation, you will definitely be able to find a flowerless centerpiece that matches your wedding’s theme and color scheme perfectly! This is just one of the many possibilities.

Lemon Cylinder Centerpiece

If you are trying to cut the costs of your centerpieces, you should consider the lemon cylinder centerpiece. This is a very simple, but modern centerpiece idea that would be perfect for any summer or outdoor wedding. There is several ways that you can complete this arrangement, but you will need to start out by purchasing your supplies.

• Lemons,
• Water gel
• Large yellow striped paper straws
• 24” H x 6” clear cylinder vase
• 18” H x 4” clear cylinder vase

The first thing that you will want to do is to go ahead and mix the water gel in a large mixing bowl. Be sure to allow it to expand to its maximum size. Cut all of the lemons into halves and place them inside of the 18” cylinder vase. When doing this arrange the lemons in a very unique way. For instance, place the first lemon half upside down, followed by the next lemon rind facing the center of the vase. Just use your imagination, but be creative with this arrangement.

Once you have completed that step, you will just simply place 3 straws into the vase behind the lemons, but keep them together. You are now ready to tackle the large cylinder vase. Just fill the vase with the water gel, but stop about 2” from the top. Once you have completed the filling, you will just place 2 of the lemons on top of the water gel side-by-side. Add 3 straws to the arrangement using the same sequence, as the first vase.

You have completed your lemon cylinder centerpieces, if you want to add a touch of charm to your vases, you can tie a yellow cloth ribbon around the center of the vase.


Birdcages also make a great replacement for floral centerpieces. There are lots of different ideas that you can incorporate into birdcages. For instance, you can place candles inside of them, or you can even decorate them with ostrich feathers. Do not forget that you can even spray paint the birdcages to match your wedding theme. All you need is a little creativity.


When it comes down to it, there are a massive number of centerpiece ideas that can be created without any flowers. If you want a flower free centerpiece, you can do it fairly easy. Since you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably already explored the awesome wedding centerpieces without flowers above! Be sure to consider each and every one of these for your upcoming wedding.

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